An Investigation into the Culture-Loaded Words Learning by English Majors in a Vocational College in China

  •  Lin Yuewu    
  •  Yang Qin    


Culture-loaded words and expressions are loaded with specific national cultural information and indicate deep national culture. They are the direct and indirect reflection of national culture in the structure of words and expressions. The improper use of culture-loaded words often leads to misunderstanding in cross-cultural communication. However, few systematic researches on culture-loaded words learning and teaching in vocational college have been conducted in China. The study attempts to investigate the present situation of English culture-loaded words learning among vocational college English majors in vocational college; the attitude by students and teachers towards English culture-loaded words learning and teaching in vocational college; the differences and similarities in their opinions through culture-loaded words test and a questionnaire for students as well as an interview for teachers. Results showed that the vocational college English majors’ learning of the English culture-loaded words is rather inadequate and unsatisfactory, which reflects that great attention should be paid to the cultivating of students’ culture awareness and their acquisition of cultural knowledge.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.