Use of Vietnamese in English Language Teaching in Vietnam: Attitudes of Vietnamese University Teachers

  •  Kim Anh Kieu    


Drawing upon the literature on the history of the language teaching methods focusing on the use of L1 in L2 teaching and the debate surrounding the role of L1 in the L2 classroom in general and in the English classroom in particular, this article presents at its core a study that investigated the attitudes of Vietnamese university teachers toward the use of Vietnamese in English Language Teaching (ELT) in the context of Vietnam. A total of 12 teachers from three universities in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam participated in the study. The data was collected via questionnaire and semi-structured interview. The findings support the judicious use of Vietnamese in some situations in ELT. The results also highlight that the use of Vietnamese is not the same in all ELT classrooms. Instead, it should be adapted to suit the context of a specific classroom.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.