Using E-Learning and ICT Courses in Educational Environment: A Review

  •  Hadi Salehi    
  •  Mohammad Shojaee    
  •  Susan Sattar    


With the quick emergence of computers and related technology, Electronic-learning (E-learning) and Information Communication and Technology (ICT) have been extensively utilized in the education and training field. Miscellaneous methods of integrating computer technology and the context in which computers are used have affected student learning in many different ways.  Integration of technology can help to create courses that are easier and more effective for learners, especially if ICT and E-learning are integrated into the educational process. ICT, when used in a sufficient and suitable manner, can help learners to understand IT better. Moreover, it can help learners to use the absolutely necessary skills which can guarantee success in empowering the learners with IT awareness and skills which are essential for success in today’s knowledge economy. This study aims to conduct a survey on the role of E-learning and ICT courses in educational environment. By having ICT courses available online via E-learning, every learner will adapt and be comfortable with the continuous upcoming technologies and innovations.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.