Survey of English Teaching and Learning Process in Maritme Education and Training in Indonesia: A Case Study in Private MET in Indonesia

  •  I Wy. Dirgayasa    


This paper intends to evaluate the process of teaching and learning of Maritime English in private Maritime Education and Training (MET) in Indonesia. This study was conducted in three private MET such as Maritime Academy Indonesia Medan (AMI-Medan), Maritime Academy Belawan (AMB-Belawan,), and Maritime Academy Sapta Samudra Padang (AMSSP-Padang). This paper was focused to five indicators such the learning materials, teaching methods, assessments, students’ profiles, and lecturers’ profiles as well. The respondents of the research were the students and the lecturers. The instruments for collecting data were a questionnaire with Likert Scale questionnaire and a documentary sheet. The data were analyzed by descriptive analysis.The results of the reaserch generally show the process of teaching and learning was optimal in terms of learning materilas, teaching methods, assessment, the students performance and the teacher performance as well.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.