Translating Proper Nouns: A Case Study on English Translation of Hafez’s Lyrics

  •  Seyed Alireza Shirinzadeh    
  •  Tengku Sepora Tengku Mahadi    


Proper nouns are regarded so simple that they might be taken for granted in translation explorations. Some may believe that they should not be translated in transmitting source texts to target texts. But, it is not the case; if one looks at present translations, he will notice that different strategies might be applied for translating proper nouns. They might often be problematic in translation especially in the course of rendition between different cultures. Thus, they are worth exploring. The present study aims to investigate the strategies that have been used in rendering proper nouns by Pazargadi (2003) in his English translation of Hafez’s lyrics. For this purpose, Vermes’ (2003) model of translation strategies for rendering proper nouns has been adapted by the researchers in the study. It has been revealed that the translator has used the transference strategy most preferably for rendering proper nouns of Hafez’s lyrics into English.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.