Blended Learning as a Theoretical Framework for the Application of Podcasting

  •  Kuang-yun Ting    


The use of podcasting has attracted the attention of teachers because it is content-rich and is of wide general interest. Users can listen to podcasts via the Internet or download them on to a portable music player. Some also offer video or animation to make the contents more interesting and easier to understand. Accordingly, podcasts that tend to focus on the use of vocabulary can be very effective in language learning. They help learners hear how to pronounce their words clearly and use them appropriately. In addition to the benefit of its multimodal facilities, the main advantage of podcasting lies in the variety and the control it provides. Many podcasts provide an authentic context including those which are vocationally orientated. In other words, learners can access podcasts linked to their field of study or interest. Therefore, this research project explores how podcasts in an ESL (English for specific purposes) environment can be used with foreign language learners. It then discusses learners’ perspectives of podcasts related to certain subjects. Finally, it proposes a number of suggestions for practical strategies and techniques for teaching English through podcasting.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.