A Contrastive Survey of Speech Acts in Hong Kong Bilingual Legislative Texts: A Case Study of CO and SPR

  •  Kefeng Fu    


As one kind of the legislative language, the language of bilingual legislation possesses its specific characteristics: the two versions share the same authenticity and effect. Therefore, the contrastive analysis of this kind of language from the perspective of pragmatics is more persuasive and authoritative. In this paper, the author chooses Crime Ordinance of Hong Kong and its subsidiary regulation Suppression of Piracy Regulations as data to explore the similarities and differences in the realization methods of speech acts and the frequency of speech acts indicators between English and Chinese texts. The author hopes to find conversions and translations of the corresponding form in speech acts of bilingual legislation and provide references for legal translation between English and Chinese through this study.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.