Using Films in the Multimedia English Class

  •  Youming Wang    


With the great, constant renovation and development of various knowledge and economy, talents of compound, high quality and high skills are in urgent need in society; a new educational reform runs through the whole foreign teaching courses, including audio-visual course, speaking, reading, writing and translating courses. With the aid of computers, films (DVD, Mp3 etc.) play an important role in foreign language labs in China. More and more students are interested in not only for oral but also for the process of acquiring languages. Now students are becoming stronger and stronger in their curiosity for knowledge and comprehension for acquiring languages. Therefore, the foreign teachers are confronted with the great challenges: 1) How to make audio-visual classes become effective learning process instead of pure entertainment in class; 2) How to make students become active participants in class. 3) How to practice rehearse the kinds of listening and speaking in the classroom? 4) How to help students build confidence in dealing with the language? 5) How to design classroom procedures on students’ listening and speaking abilities? So, the purpose of this paper is to introduce some useful and practical methods to build students’ confidence in learning English; and also to exploit the design of films’ class through multimedia.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.