Autonomous Learning and Metacognitive Strategies Essentials in ESP Class

  •  Parviz Ajideh    


The reform in teaching and curriculum involves not only in the teaching content, but more so in teachers’ methodology, the students’ learning strategies and the changed relationship between students and teachers in the classroom setting.

The purpose of this paper is to suggest that what is needed for ESP is a different orientation to English study and to outline an approach which departs from that which is generally taken. Broadly, what is involved is a shift of the focus of attention from the grammatical to the communicative properties of language. This view that the difficulties which the students encounter arise not so much from a defective knowledge of the system of language but from unfamiliarity with English use is acceptable but not sufficient.

It is suggested that although specification of language needs is necessary for ESP course and it will be useful for selecting and grading materials, in teaching ESP learning strategies should play an important role. Accordingly, autonomous learning and metacognitive strategies are suggested as basic essentials for teaching and learning ESP.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.