Kumaravadivelu’s Framework as a Basis for Improving English Language Teaching in Saudi Arabia: Opportunities and Challenges

  •  Afnan Masaoud Ahmad    


This paper discusses the issues with EFL teaching in Saudi Arabia, including the reliance on traditional teaching methodologies and banning use of first languages in classrooms. As a result, these traditional teaching practices produce less proficient learners who have limited knowledge about proper linguistic use. In order to overcome these issues and have proficient learners who can effectively use the language, however, language teachers should understand an effective change is required. Kumaravadivelu’s framework (2006) is an opportunity for teachers to adopt new methods because it relies on global-level strategies, macrostrategies, that are general enough to allow teachers the opportunity to freely adjust their precise implementation in relation to individual teaching demands, along with more particular implementation tactics, microstrategies, that operationalize the macrostrategies in flexible and customizable ways according to perceived needs during the in-context process of teaching.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.