Age Effects in Foreign Language Learning for Children in China

  •  Zhiliang Liu    
  •  Guanying Chen    


To know the age effects in foreign language learning for children in China, we made both qualitative survey on the English teachers, the students and their parents by means of questionnaire; and quantitative survey on the students’ scores from junior 1 to senior 2 (5 years) in the secondary school by analyses between those (over 30 students) who had learned English for 3 years in the elementary school and those (over 400 students) who hadn’t. Finally conclusions that “‘the younger, the better’ in FLL is doubted, FLES shouldn’t be done in lower grades of elementary school in China, qualified English teacher is the decisive factor on FLES” were drawn from the surveys on FLES in China.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.