Habits of Mind in the ESL Classroom

  •  Maria Shu Hong Bee    
  •  Goh Hock Seng    
  •  Kamaruzaman Jusoff    


Engaging HoM means having the disposition toward behaving intelligently when confronted with problems, to which solutions are not immediately apparent. Employing HoM helps students to reason and apply information to solve problems in today’s classrooms. This article examines the prominent HoM among primary school students as they interact to co-construct knowledge in group reading sessions. Talking and interacting with reading reinforce learning in a social context and such discussion reflects students’ thinking. Qualitative data were analyzed and the findings indicated the presence of HoM. The research provides an insight as a means for teachers to develop the reading context into one that truly stimulates the individual and social co-construction of knowledge. By exploring the students' HoM, these dispositions of intelligent behaviours can perhaps be made explicit and taught in the ESL classroom.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.