The Effect of Using Writer’s Workshop Approach on Developing Basic Writing Skills (Mechanics of Writing) of Prospective Teachers of English in Egypt

  •  Ashraf Atta M. S. Salem    


The present study aimed at investigating the effects of using a program based on the writing workshop approach on developing basic writing skills of prospective teachers of English in Hurgada faculty of Education. For that purpose, the researcher constructed and validated a teaching program based on the writing workshop approach, checklist of the skills and subskills of basic writing skills, and pre-posttest of basic writing skills. The sample of the study was forty students in Hurgada faculty of Education, English Division (prospective teachers of English). They were randomly chosen and assigned to an experimental group. The experimental group students were taught writing using the writing workshop approach after they had basic writing skills pretest. Findings of the study indicated the writing workshop-based program had significant effects on improving the subjects' basic writing skills.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.