Malaysian Gifted Students’ Use of English Language Learning Strategies

  •  Melor Md Yunus    
  •  Nur Ainil Sulaiman    
  •  Mohammed Amin Embi    


Many studies have been done on language learning strategies employed by different type of learners and in various contexts. However, very little studies have been done on gifted students regarding language learning. Gifted students have unique characteristics and have different ways if thinking and learning. These characteristics affect how they learn a language. The main objective of the study was to investigate language learning strategies use among gifted students enrolled in special programme called PERMATApintar Education Programme. Data was gathered using a survey questionnaire with 104 gifted students. The instrument used in this study was Strategy Inventory Language Learning (SILL) questionnaire by Oxford (1990). Data was analyzed using descriptive analysis. It provides mean, percentages of responses and level of frequency. The findings revealed that gifted students use more indirect strategies particularly metacognitive strategies than direct strategies. There was variation in responses with regard to the use of language learning strategies among Malaysian gifted students. Language learning strategies have many potential benefits to educators, teachers and students. Implications and suggestions for future research are further discussed.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.