Cultural Diversity in English Language Teaching: Learners’ Voices

  •  Nguyen Duc Chinh    


The focus of culture in English language teaching (ELT) has traditionally been on the target culture of English speaking countries. However, the new status of English as international language (EIL) has led to significant changes in the practice of teaching and learning culture in ELT. Rather than relying on the paradigm of native speaker competence and target culture, the culture teaching in ELT now aims at cultural diversity to develop learners as intercultural speakers in a globalised context. Given the need to integrate diverse cultures into the ELT practice as a platform for learners to become intercultural speakers, learners’ attitudes towards this issue are of paramount importance. This article will, therefore, discuss learners’ perspective on cultural diversity that is integrated into the ELT practice in Vietnam. Based on data collected from learners’ reflections, the article discusses the question of whether or not cultural diversity is feasible in the ELT practice in Vietnam.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.