The Application of “Three Dimensional” Model in the Teaching Design of EFL Writing

  •  Xiping Li    


As an indispensable and most difficult part of language acquisition, the importance of English writing has been intensified by the economic globalization and internet revolution due to the special role of English as a universal language (Warshauer, 2000). However, writing teaching and learning has been long perplexing language teachers and learners even in the first language. Therefore many studies have been conducted on the revelation of the nature of writing and how to achieve it in pursuit of solutions to this problem. Consequently, the paradigm of teaching design of EFL Writing has experienced corresponding shift with the development of science, technology and social culture. Based on the analyses of various paradigms, the paper proposes the framework of a “three dimensional” model as well as its application in the teaching of EFL Business English discourse composition so as to cultivate the learners’ all-round writing skills in the aspect of teaching design.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.