Using Stories in English Omani Curriculum

  •  Kothar Talib Sulaiman Al Harrasi    


Learning a FL may be frustrating for some young learners; however, integrating fun in learning would encourage them to develop positive attitudes towards learning a language (Ellis & Brewster, 1991). Stories are an effective and enthusiastic technique in teaching young learners; they inject lots of amusement and help children enjoy learning language in purposeful communication. This paper is an attempt to explore the effectiveness of the stories in Omani curriculum (English for Me) and eventually suggests some efficient techniques and activities in teaching stories based on the analysis. Preliminary findings show that stories in the textbooks are enthusiastic and suit learners' interest and level, and the follow-up activities increase their benefits. However, there are some stories or activities that are repetitive and too long, and need to be modified or replaced by others.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.