Studies and Suggestions on English Vocabulary Teaching and Learning

  •  Shigao Zheng    


To improve vocabulary learning and teaching in ELT settings, two questionnaires are designed and directed to more than 100 students and teachers in one of China’s key universities. The findings suggest that an enhanced awareness of cultural difference, metaphorical competence, and learners’ autonomy in vocabulary acquisition will effectively facilitate the vocabulary learning. Simultaneously, a teaching model is recommended based on the findings of this survey, which incorporates ideas advocated by cognitive linguistics. Class instruction on vocabulary learning strategies can help students gain awareness of learning strategies. The greater the strategy awareness of learners, the more likely they will be to use task-appropriate learning strategies that help them overcome their general learning style limitations, and the more likely that these strategies will assist in processing, retrieving, and using new language information.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.