A Profile of an Effective EFL Writing Teacher (A Technology-based Approach)

  •  Zohreh Seifoori    
  •  Mohammad Amin Mozaheb    
  •  Amir Biglar Beigi    


Teaching writing has always been a controversial issue in the field of Foreign Language Teaching. And while there are a number of approaches and techniques for teaching writing in an English as a Second Language or English as a Foreign Language (SL/EFL) setting, very few comprehensive frameworks exist for an ESL/EFL writing teacher. The present study hopes to fill that void by exploring the qualities of a good and effective EFL writing teacher on the basis of classroom observation and interviews. The classroom teaching of an Iranian EFL writing teacher, whose students and colleagues consider him a successful EFL writing teacher,was observed for about 1680 minutes.He was observed with intent to isolate the pedagogical skills that make him stand out. The result of the observation shows that there are some specific features for a successful writing teacher to be bear in mind by other EFL practitioners teaching the same classes. Finally, this study provides some guidelines for the effective teaching of writing in an EFL context, which will also be useful for ESL/EFL teachers in their classrooms.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.