Output and English as a Second Language Pragmatic Development: The Effectiveness of Output-focused Video-based Instruction

  •  Justin Jernigan    


Swain’s Output Hypothesis proposes a facilitative effect for output on the acquisition of second language morphosyntax. In the context of classroom instruction, a number of studies and reviews suggest that explicit instruction in pragmatic elements promotes development. Other studies have offered less conclusive evidence of the effectiveness of various instructional options. The present classroom-based study examined the effectiveness of output-focused, video-based instruction for the development of second language intercultural pragmatic development among adult ESL learners representing different first language backgrounds in an intensive English program setting. The results suggest that the instructional treatment had a significant effect on a written pragmatic acceptability judgment task (PAJT). Results on a written discourse completion task (DCT) were mixed; no significant effects were identified, but a relatively large effect size was calculated for the output group.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.