Pedagogical Implications on Medical Students’ Linguistic Needs

  •  Yanling Hwang    


In this paper, an extended teaching implication is performed based on the study of medical students’ linguistic needs in Tawian (Hwang, Lin, 2010). The aims of previous study were to provide a description of the linguistic needs and perceptions of medical students and faculty members in Taiwan. However, this paper put more thoughts on the pedagogical application of the findings. The paper presented teaching implication of medical English or general English based on perceptions of medical students and faculty members. The extended study related to the teaching application tended to answer the following six issues: (1) the use of the English language (2) the importance of using English in the medical field (3) evaluations of medical students’ English ability (4) a needs analysis of the English course for the School of Medicine (5) suggestions about the English curriculum for the School of Medicine and (6) other assistance or requirements identified by students.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.