ESP Needs Analysis of Iranian MA Students: A Case Study of the University of Isfahan

  •  Fatemeh Moslemi    
  •  Ahmad Moinzadeh    
  •  Azizollah Dabaghi    


The aim of this study was to investigate the foreign language learning needs of Iranian MA students, in particular those who were majoring in biology, psychology, physical training, accounting and west philosophy. A total of 80 students from five MA majors studying at university of Isfahan participated in the study. Additionally, twenty- five subject-specific instructors as well as seven English instructors took part in the study. The study was designed on qualitative and quantitative survey basis using interviews, questionnaires, and texts. In order to investigate participants’ point of views, chi-square test was used to analyze the data. The result obtained revealed that majority of the participants were dissatisfied with the current ESP courses for MA students. Most of the participants asked for an urgent need for revision and reconsideration of English instruction in the Iranian educational system as well as universities, stating that Iranian students do not have enough exposure to English language in a way that help them  to fulfill their subjective and objective needs at MA level . Giving more weight to English in the MA entrance exam was suggested as one possible solution. It was thought that this would increase the motivation of the students to improve their language proficiency; furthermore, joint teaching of the ESP courses was suggested as another solution to help students meet their English needs at the MA level.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.