A Comparative Study of EFL Teachers’ and Intermediate High School Students’ Perceptions of Written Corrective Feedback on Grammatical Errors

  •  Mina Jodaie    
  •  Farahman Farrokhi    
  •  Masoud Zoghi    


This study was an attempt to compare EFL teachers’ and intermediate high school students’ perceptions of written corrective feedback on grammatical errors and also to specify their reasons for choosing comprehensive or selective feedback and some feedback strategies over some others. To collect the required data, the student version of questionnaire developed for the purposes of this study was distributed to 100 intermediate high school students who were selected based on their scores on a proficiency test. The matching teacher version of the above-mentioned questionnaire was also distributed to 30 EFL teachers in language institutes. Semi-structured interviews with 8 teachers and 10 students were also carried out to provide more in-depth and qualitative data. Results showed that there are some important differences as well as similarities between teachers’ and students’ perceptions of written corrective feedback on grammatical errors. In addition, some unexpected differences in EFL teachers’ perceptions of written corrective feedback were found. Overall, the present study can have some insightful implications for the field of EFL writing instruction.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.