An Experimental Study on Career Experiential Teaching Mode for English Major Freshmen in Application-Oriented Colleges

  •  Jingjing Tian    


To meet the demands of the market and society, application-oriented colleges must align their teaching with the real professional world, emphasizing the linkage with industry and actively engaging in career experiential teaching. This study aims to construct a career experiential teaching mode specifically tailored for English majors. After successfully constructing such a model, the author conducted an experimental study targeting freshmen majoring in English to assess its effectiveness in enhancing their career readiness and overall development. The participants were English major freshmen from the Class of 2022 at Guangzhou College of Commerce, enrolled in an Orientation course specifically designed to incorporate the experiential teaching model. After thoroughly analyzing questionnaire responses and students’ training reports, the author discovered that students participating in the career experiential teaching mode exhibited greater engagement, motivation, and satisfaction with their learning experience. Furthermore, they demonstrated a deeper understanding of career-related concepts, improved practical skills, and comprehensive ability development. Therefore, it is concluded that this career experiential teaching mode effectively prepares students for successful careers and enhances their overall capabilities. This research adds empirical evidence to the existing knowledge base regarding the benefits of integrating career experiential teaching into higher education, providing valuable insights for educators to adopt in preparing students for a smooth transition into the workforce.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.