Navigating Professional Identity: Insights into the Effects of Post-Observation Conferences on Educational Supervisors

  •  Abdulhakeem Almerabi    
  •  Anas Almuhammadi    


This research endeavors to investigate the influence of post-observation conferences (POCs) on the professional identity of educational supervisors within public education settings. POCs represent dialogic sessions conducted between supervisors and teachers subsequent to classroom observations, where they deliberate on the strengths and areas for enhancement in the observed teaching practices. Professional identity, in this context, pertains to the self-understanding and self-image concerning one's role and responsibilities as an educational supervisor. Employing a qualitative, narrative inquiry research design, the study utilizes semi-structured interviews and a focus group as data collection methods. The study involves two English language educational supervisors located in Makkah, Saudi Arabia, as participants. Data analysis is conducted through thematic analysis, guided by Braun and Clarke's (2006) six phases. The findings underscore the significant impact of POCs on the professional identity of educational supervisors, facilitating avenues for learning, feedback, reflection, and collaboration. Moreover, the study identifies challenges and offers suggestions to enhance the quality and effectiveness of POCs. By contributing to the literature on educational supervision and professional development, this study furnishes educational implications for practice.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.