Saudi EFL Students’ Perceptions towards the Impact of Using Google Translate on Their Translation Skills

  •  Raghad A. Alburaih    
  •  Farah Nasser Algraini    


This study investigated the impact of using Google Translate (GT) on the translation skills of EFL both male and female students from different Saudi universities. The instrument of this study was a questionnaire that was modified according to the study’s purposes. The questionnaire contained 22 items divided into 3 sections. It was answered by 212 participants from different Saudi universities. According to the findings, participants had a positive attitude towards GT when using it as a translation tool for expanding their vocabulary. They were utilizing it as a quick and easy dictionary since they wanted to make sure of the meaning. Additionally, many participants mentioned that GT made them too lazy to check dictionaries. Students indicated that GT would negatively affect the text without reviewing. They confirmed that overreliance on GT can harm their translation abilities. Finally, students must know that GT is a double-edged weapon that can be both positive and detrimental if used incorrectly. According to the findings, recommendations and suggestions for further research were provided.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.