Exploring the Relationships between EFL Learners’ Foreign Language Classroom Boredom, Foreign Language Classroom Learning Engagement and Learning Achievement

  •  Kexin Xu    
  •  Jing Wang    


The impact of emotions on the learning process and learning achievements has gained increasing attention in recent years, with particular emphasis on the significance of boredom. Boredom detrimentally influences learners’ cognitive resources, hampers their level of engagement, and consequently restricts academic achievement. The current study explores the relationships between these factors using self-reported scales. The results indicate a significant negative correlation between boredom and engagement and a significant moderate negative correlation between boredom and English learning achievement. A significantly high positive correlation was found between engagement and English learning achievement. And these two factors were demonstrated to be significant predictors of English learning achievement. The findings broadened the nomological network of boredom, engagement, and learning achievement in the EFL context and provided insights to mitigate learners’ boredom and enhance their engagement and learning achievement.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.