The Perspectives of Suadi University Instructors and Learners on the Product and Process Approaches to Second-Language Writing

  •  Hanan S. Alwaneen    


This study investigates instructors’ and learners’ perspectives on using the product and process approaches to teach second-language writing at a Saudi University, focusing on the variations in perspective between instructors and learners. To this end, the researcher undertook a mixed-method study. Two questionnaires, each consisting of ten items, were used to collect data from 72 participants (47.22% instructors, 52.78% learners); the data were analyzed using the independent samples t-test function of IBM SPSS statistics 28.0. In addition, semi-structured interviews with 12 participants (50% instructors, 50% learners) were conducted to gain a holistic picture. The overall findings reveal no statistically significant difference between instructors’ and learners’ perspectives on the product approach to second-language writing. However, the findings indicate a statistically significant difference in their perspectives on the process approach; instructors perceived the process approach to writing more positively than learners. The current study assists instructors in assessing whether their preferred teaching approach differs from that of their students, enabling them to adopt an ideal approach for both parties.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.