Prediction of Students’ Performance in English Using Machine Learning Algorithms

  •  Nipa Jun-on    
  •  Pimpaka Intaros    
  •  Sarawut Suwannaut    


In this work, a new machine learning-based model is proposed to predict undergraduate students' reading scores using their listening scores as the primary data. The performance of several machine learning techniques, including neural networks, gaussian process regression, and random forests, was calculated and compared in order to predict the reading test results of the students. The dataset included the listening and reading test results of 1145 students who took the English proficiency exam at Lampang Rajabhat University's language center in Lampang, Thailand. According to the results, the suggested model has a classification accuracy range of 64–75%. Only three different types of parameters—listening scores, departmental data, and faculty data—were used to make the predictions.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.