An Exploration of Students’ Learning Motivation and Level of Participation through the Use of Mobile Tech in Classrooms

  •  Lilian Ya-Hui Chang    


This paper aims to combine Mobile Tech (Modible Technology) and the SAMR (Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, Redefinition) model to create suitable teaching materials to enhance students’ learning motivation and classroom participation. This course, “Classroom Management”, is a compulsory junior-year course. The department’s policy is to teach all compulsory courses in English only. However, students’ English ability may not be high enough to absorb teaching content successfully. In addition, with the availability of cellphones, students tend to become distracted easily if they have no access to their phones during class. It is apparent that the traditional teaching methods of using PPT and paper-based worksheets are not receiving enough attention from students. To enhance learning effectiveness and learning motivation, this study aims to design a course and relevant teaching materials with Mobile Tech following the SAMR model. The SAMR model by Dr. Roben Puentedura (2006, 2016) refers to using technology to perform substitution, augmentation, modification, and redefinition of the original teaching materials or activities. Following this model, this study hopes to design teaching materials combined with Mobile Tech that could better enhance students’ learning motivation.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.