On the Problems and Solutions of Professional Ethics Education of Normal Students from Educational Narrative Research

  •  Yanfang Zhou    
  •  Yingyi Huang    


Professional ethics is the core quality of teachers. Teachers' professional ethics education for normal students is a problem to which society, universities and normal students must attach great importance. This paper uses narrative research to study the professional ethics education of outstanding normal students. Firstly, it expounds the connotation of narrative research. Secondly, in the form of interviews and narrations, the paper selects five normal students of 5 different majors from 4 different universities and named respectively A, B, C, D and E as the objects, to investigate the current situation of professional ethics education for college normal students, and to sort out some existing problems. Further, we delivered the questionnaires to broaden the scope of the research. It is found that the way of professional ethics education for normal university students is single, mainly in class; the contents are boring, lacking of innovation; some normal students' consciousness of professional ethics is weak. So the effect of education needs to be improved urgently. The causes of these existing problems are also analyzed further. And some relative solutions have been proposed. It is expected to promote the development of professional ethics education for outstanding normal students.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.