A Study on Developing Learner Autonomy Through the Reading Circle Method

  •  Ligang Han    


Many countries in the world have regarded the cultivation of learner autonomy as one of the important goals of language teaching. During the past fifty years, researchers and scholars have explored the connotations of learner autonomy, and carried out some empirical researches in different contexts. There are more and more researches on learner autonomy in language teaching and learning, the research scope and content are constantly broadened and deepened, and the research methods are more diversified. Based on the review of the reading circle method and the discussion of a working definition for learner autonomy, the present study explored the application of the reading circle method in facilitating the cultivation of learner autonomy in the English for Academic Purposes course at a comprehensive university in China. The results showed that the reading circle could help to improve learner’s attitude and interest in English language learning. It also indicated that learner’s learning capabilities and strategies were improved. This study adopts a novel approach to foster the development of learner autonomy, and sheds light on the empirical research practice.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.