Mobile-Learning-Based Exploration of English Reading Teaching Reform for Non-English Majors in China

  •  Wentao Guo    


Under the development of the information age, traditional Chinese teaching model of college English reading courses can no longer meet the needs of the times, and needs to be reformed urgently. From the perspective of mobile learning, this paper tries to combine modern educational technology with classroom teaching by using an online English reading learning platform, and explores the construction of a new teaching model. This model tries to form effective teaching supervision and assessment through the combination of online and offline teaching model, in-class and after-class teaching model, as well as real-time and dynamic big data monitoring, which breaks the closed classroom teaching environment, enriches the teaching content and means, complements and improves the teaching method of traditional Chinese college English reading courses. The aim of this study is to enrich teaching content, reform traditional teaching model and construct a new teaching model for English reading courses through the teaching practice of the online English reading platform, and further optimize the use of the platform by collecting and analyzing effective assessment and feedback, so as to make full use of the online reading platform and improve the mobile reading teaching model. 

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.