Proposal for Need Analysis in an Exam Preparation Course: A Descriptive Study

  •  Cristian Alexander Chiroque Chero    


Need analysis is an essential element in the process of designing any language course as it seeks to cater for what learners need in their lessons. This study proposes a framework to analyse learners’ needs for exam preparation courses. The proposed framework adopts the works of Macalister, Nation, and Brindley to address different linguistic and non-linguistic needs. To the best of the researcher’s knowledge, no framework has ever been provided for teachers to carry out need analysis in the context of preparing for international exams. In this study, therefore, the framework was applied to find learners’ needs in an exam preparation course for an A2 English level international exam. The participants were 10 learners aged 10-12 enrolled on a course in a private language centre. The data were collected through a combination of quantitative and qualitative tools, that is to say, by questionnaires, tests, and classroom observations. Results revealed that the framework herein proposed gives a detailed understanding of the learners’ needs prior to the course showing that learners from this study have difficulties in the skills of reading, writing, and listening. Findings also revealed learners’ preference for a variety of classroom activities, online games, and art-crafts. 

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.