A Theoretical Review on the Need to Use Standardized Oral Assessment Rubrics for ESL Learners in Saudi Arabia

  •  Reem Aamer Alaamer    


There is a growing need for standardized oral assessment rubrics in learning institutions. This is linked to the growing number of ESL learners not only in Saudi Arabia but other parts of the world. To assess the need to use standardized oral assessment rubrics, this particular study explores various peer reviewed articles that support the use of standardized rubrics while assessing oral skills among ESL learners in Saudi Arabia. Standardized rubrics give students a reference point in regards to what is expected while learning oral skills. As a result, students are able to work towards improving their skills to meet the standards of the rubric. Various scholars have given different definitions for the term rubric. In all the definitions, grading criteria is a common feature. Some experts have stated that, modern rubrics should go beyond grading to guiding students in understanding their expectations in oral tests. When developing standardized rubrics, teachers should ensure that the rubrics meet the required validity and reliability to assist ESL learners in meeting their goals. Literature shows that there is a gap in the current oral assessment rubrics in Saudi Arabia, and it requires a prompt review. Therefore, developing a standardized rubric should take a multidisciplinary approach. Scholars and experts teaching ESL students must be consulted to ensure all important factors are considered and incorporated in the standardized rubric. 

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.