The Lack of Qualified EFL Teachers in Saudi Schools: A Qualitative Interview Study

  •  Abdullah N Alqahtani    


Despite teaching English language in Saudi Arabia for 6 decades, yet the outcomes are unsatisfactory. In this article, the lack of qualified English teachers in Saudi Arabia is the main reason for causing that issue. To address the issue, this study attempts to understand how untrained teachers have a negative influence on students' performance and competence. Unstructured interviews were conducted with students from two Saudi schools to reflect on the problems and obstacles that Saudi pupils encounter as a result of their incompetent instructors. Instead of interviewing instructors, we interviewed students to know the strategies, methods, and techniques employed by their teachers, which resulted in their incapacity to improve. According to the participants, the majority of English teachers in Saudi schools speak Arabic in English lessons rather than English. They also employ traditional approaches such as the teacher-centered method. They educate and explain in English, but when they reach a major obstacle, they immediately switch to Arabic as an efficient option. The study's findings highlight the necessity of having trained teachers to teach English in EFL programs in Saudi Arabia. The study's objective is to demonstrate that instructors are at the heart of the issues that affecting students' growth and how to assist them to overcome those problems.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.