Characteristics of Saudi EFL Learners’ Learning Styles

  •  Khalid Al-Seghayer    


One of the most important factors among those that play key roles in second language acquisition is language learning styles and strategies. This article identifies the unique and multifarious learning-style preferences that characterize Saudi English as a foreign language (EFL) learners’ learning, and explores how multidimensional causal factors and experiences shape their preferred modes of learning. The analysis first tackles Saudi EFL learning-style preferences, followed by a discussion of Saudi EFL language learning strategies. The discussion addresses the learning-style approaches and learning behaviors of Saudi EFL leaners and the impact they have on them and highlights the factors and consequences of each. It concludes by pinpointing the importance of identifying language learning styles and strategies Saudi EFL students use and offering measures that will help Saudi EFL teachers facilitate their students’ effective learning-style approaches.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.