Intercultural Language Teaching Practice in EFL Classroom China--College English Instruction Based on Film The Proposal

  •  Fang Liu    


EFL teaching plays a special and important role in development of a country shouldering the responsibility of development of intercultural competence. EFL teaching in China to some extent cannot fully realize the teaching aims due to its narrowed focus on linguistic objectives more than cultivation of interculturality. Integration of intercultural education into EFL and research of how teachers can be oriented with intercultural teaching pedagogy to conduct suitable activities to develop students’ intercultural communicative competence are urgently needed. Inspired by the theories of intercultural language teaching, this paper attempts to revise the instructional pedagogy in College English in China by applying the intercultural teaching with the film as the medium, so as to explore the practical way of integrating intercultural communication competence training with language skills training in teaching practice.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.