Complexities of Writing Skill at the Secondary Level in Bangladesh Education System: A Quantitative Case Study Analysis

  •  Sujana Suvin    


The goal of this study is to examine difficulties in and outside the classrooms which are the real obstacles to the writability of teaching and learning in the secondary level Bangladesh system. The secondary level tests writing skills by summary, paragraph, letter, application, story, conversation, composition, report, e-mail etc. Students who study at the high school level face serious writing complexities. The major problems in the examination are the vocabulary and grammar complexities. In this study, the reasons for the complexities of writing skills were examined. This study was conducted at Jahangirnagar School & College, Savar, Dhaka to find out the strategies for writing skills. Important questions of research have been developed to identify writing skill complexities. Data were taken from teachers, students and parents based on questionnaire survey. Teachers and students were encouraged to participate actively in the survey. Following collection of data, the practical advice for students and teachers was analyzed. While skills at secondary schools have been evaluated, most teachers are not taking any action to evaluate the abilities of students. Students are also less interested in writing skill in practice. The aim of the study is therefore to show a new image to the writing skill at the secondary level Bangladesh education system.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.