Private Tuition: High Stakes and Thorny Issues

  •  Habib Yahiaoui    


Private tuition or shadow education is a self-contained activity. It is a system that exists parallel to the national education system. The scale of private tuition has witnessed a worldwide skyrocketing increase. The present research sheds light on the determinants that lead to the demand/ supply of private tuition. It examines the issue from the perspectives of the tutors, the tutees and the parents. The stratified sample in the study represents the population of JamaleddineElafghani Secondary School Mascara. The research tools utilised are a questionnaire to the learners, an interview to both the parents and the teachers and observation of sessions of PT to have a complete image of the situation under study. The results demonstrate that the national education system inadequacies like high stake examination, inexperience teachers and large classes have a great impact on the widespread of this phenomenon. The recommendation we suggest is regulating and thus harnessing this activity, or finding an alternative.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.