Challenges Faced by Newly Inducted Teachers Implementing Revised English Curriculum in Pakistan

  •  Atta Ur Rehman Jadoon    
  •  Muhammad Ilyas Chishti    
  •  Muhammad Afzaal    
  •  Tahir Afzal    


In the modern world of today, English language is frequently used as a medium of communication at the international level and among the multilingual speakers. The grand significance of the English language in the global village stresses all the stakeholders and policymakers in Pakistan to initiate and execute appropriate teaching methods for successful learning of English language. In view of the demands of the modern world, the provincial government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK), Pakistan implemented the revised English curriculum and inducted new teachers with better qualification to ensure its desired outcomes. Revised English curriculum, handed over to the newly inducted teachers to implement was supposed to pose a variety of challenges. The current study investigated those challenges faced by these newly inducted teachers implementing revised English curriculum. The study was limited to the newly inducted teachers teaching English at secondary level in district Abbottabad (KPK), Pakistan. Employing a mixed-method research based on purposeful sampling, the data was initially collected through semi structured interviews of the focussed group of the research participants and further validated by means of survey questionnaire filled by the entire research population. The findings of the study revealed that inappropriate classrooms with deficient resources posed major challenges for the teachers to effectively communicate the revised curriculum. Moreover, lack of students’ involvement in the lessons and teachers’ insufficient awareness to curriculum impeded the curriculum implementation as desired. The current study stressed on the remedial measures to be taken on part of the government officials and the school administration to ensure the availability of resources required for English language learning and encouragement of learners’ involvement in the lessons. Moreover, teachers should be provided with appropriate training to meticulously implement the revised English curriculum.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.