YouTube Videos on EFL College Students’ Listening Comprehension

  •  Chia-chi Chien    
  •  Yenling Huang    
  •  Peiwen Huang    


This paper aimed to explore the effect of using YouTube as a supplementary material with EFL college students. The research intended to reveal the improvement of the students’ listening comprehension after the 5-week treatments—students participating in this study are all Taiwanese, age from 18-20, with a high intermediate level of proficiency in English. They were all in the same class and were exposed under the multimedia (YouTube) learning environment. However, students were obliged to finish the pre-test and post-tests. Moreover, the questionnaire was offered to them in order to know the perceptions and reflections of students with integrating YouTube into courses as well.

In this research, paired T-Test was used to find out if there was a significant difference that exists before and after the treatments, also validate the pre-specified result. It was suggested that after training in the combination of the computer-assisted learning technique and traditional pedagogy, students performed better on the listening comprehension test than without the treatment before.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.