Study on Cultivating College Students' English Autonomous Learning Ability under the Flipped Classroom Model

  •  Yanxia Du    


Since the 21st century, the cultivation and improvement of college students' English autonomous learning ability have become an important symbol of deepening the reform of College English teaching. The reform of teaching model is the critical to it. With the help of the self-constructed flipped classroom teaching model, this paper designs the corresponding teaching process, aiming at investigating the three dimensions of self-management learning ability, self-learning psychology and self-learning behavior of non-English majors. After the investigation and experiment on the control class and the experimental class for the whole semester, the experimental results show that the self-regulated learning model of College English based on the flipped classroom can greatly improve the comprehensive English level of College students, and the flipped classroom teaching model of College English can effectively improve the students' self-management learning ability, stimulate students 'motivation of autonomous learning and activate students' autonomous learning behavior. Thus, it opens up a new path for the cultivation of College Students 'autonomous learning ability.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.