Evaluating the Effectiveness of Integrating Reading and Writing Pedagogy in EFL Setting and Teachers' Perceptions

  •  Hailah Alhujaylan    


The present research argues that the current segregation between the reading and writing skills courses in EFL classes is a hard obstacle in developing the reading ability and writing skills proficiency in Saudi students at the graduate level. The sample included 64 undergraduate female students of a Saudi University, divided equally into the control group and the experimental group. A pre-test and post-test research design was used to collect the quantitative data. Two-tailed t-tests were applied to verify the results. The analysis of elicited data indicates significant progress in the experimental group's mean scores of the post-test when compared to the pre-test at p<.05. The study finds that integrated-skills teaching pedagogy has a significant impact on students' reading and writing proficiency over a short time. A structured questionnaire was administered on n=28 language teachers to identify teacher's perceptions regarding the integrated interpretation and writing courses. They expressed their dissatisfaction with the current segregated reading and writing courses and the learning outcomes. Most experienced teachers expressed a positive attitude towards the integration of these skills. Based on the findings, the researcher recommends incorporating integrated skills pedagogy in teaching reading and writing skills at the university level to enhance the students' performance.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.