Grammatical Equivalence of Animal Science Terms Translation

  •  I Gusti Agung Istri Aryani    
  •  I Nengah Sudipa    
  •  Ida Bagus Putra Yadnya    
  •  Ni Made Dhanawaty    


Translating specific language for a special subject such as animal science terms should have an understanding of the knowledge. The results of translation in their forms also give effect to their meaning in order to obtain the equivalence and adaptation from the source language (SL) into the target language (TL). This study aims at finding equivalence in the form of translation including their effect of meaning translated from English (SL) into Indonesian (TL). Qualitative method is used to analyze the translation of languages with a descriptive explanation. Both languages have their own grammatical rules which have varieties of translation, especially for the result of findings in TL. The grammatical equivalence found in numbers of nouns and noun phrases. Majorly, they were found with the suffix –s for the plural form in SL and translated without reduplication in TL to show their adaptation as a scientific language. In some cases, the terms in SL were translated into collective words and conjunction. It showed in scientific languages, both languages have their own rules to give equivalence of forms in SL and TL including their meaning.

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