Challenges of Teaching English Communication to Arabic Students

  •  Ehsan Mohammed Abdelgadir    


The present study carries out to investigate and identify the communication problems that affecting the Teaching / Learning process of ELT. It aims to help teachers and learners to know the cause of these problems and to use and practice (IPA) in English pronunciation. It also sheds light on the most common mistakes of English sounds in relation to their spellings. That the teacher’s knowledge of these errors makes him /her, able to avoid them. The researcher investigates the topic title: Challenges of teaching communication to Arab students. As a type of problems affecting the Teaching /Learning process of ELT. She follows an experimental design method to achieve this purpose. The subjects for the study were undergraduate students from University of Majmaah (Hotat Sudair College of Science and Humanities for girls). With the sample of two groups of fifty students of the same sex, standard, number, and degree of education. A case study in Hotat Sudair College for girls, to collect data from the subjects by observation through an oral test and statistical analysis. The study arrives at the following results: Only 13% of students care for segmental phonemes. Only 21% of students care for the correct pronunciation of words. Few learners use dictionaries to check English words’ sound in their daily presentations. On the other hand, care for transcriptions of sounds when speaking. Many students lack the basics that are supposed to be learned for acceptable pronunciation then mispronounce words. Then the researcher suggests some steps. She also finds new ideas for further investigations to improve the teaching/learning process and to achieve the aims of English communication.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.