Non-English Major Students’ Perception of Factors Influencing English Proficiency in China

  •  Wu Yuntao    


This study aims at investigating Non-English major students’ perception of factors that influencing English proficiency in China. The research was conducted by using a non-experimental quantitative research design by a questionnaire survey. A total 300 Non-English Major students from second year from different duration of learning English in Henan Polytechnic University was collected to complete this survey. The research findings revealed the learning strategies of Non-English major students in Henan Polytechnic University has most significantly affect on English proficiency among four potential factors. The hypothesis testing results indicated that the perception of students who began learning English from primary school were statistically significantly higher than those who began learning English from middle school with respect to factors influencing English proficiency. The findings recommended that the government should provide more supports to English language learning in primary school, the English teacher should pay attention to male students’ English learning and help students improve their learning strategy in English learning.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.