The Relationship Between Being Exposed to Culture Through Social Media and the Willingness to Learn English

  •  Assrar Abdullah    
  •  Basma Bukhari    
  •  Fatimah Almutairi    


This study is an attempt to investigate the relationship between exposure to a native culture and the learners’ willingness to learn the language of the native cultur. A questionnaire with closed-ended items and open-ended questions was used to collect data. Responses to the questionnaire were collected from 54 female students at a public university in Saudi Arabia. In general, the questionnaire results indicated that there is a relationship between exposure to the native culture and the learners’ willingness to learn the language. The findings revealed that being exposed to a certain culture makes the learners more willing to learn the language of that culture. Moreover, the findings of the study stressed the importance of adopting social media networking to assist in the process of integrating culture into teaching English as a foreign language. Furthermore, based on the findings of this study, we encourage teachers to allocate as much time as possible to introducing cultural aspects in foreign language classrooms with the aid of social media.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.