Understanding Teachers’ Integration of Moodle in EFL Classrooms: A Case Study

  •  Yasir Al Yafaei    
  •  Rais Attamimi    


The study explores the integration and implementation of the Moodle platform at the English Language Center of the Salalah College of Technology. To achieve this purpose, a qualitative, interpretive approach with a case study research design was used to collect the data and to deepen our understanding of the phenomena and how it was constructed in social reality of the school.Two teachers have been chosen to be the interviewees, to give their opinions and views on the topic under study, and the factors affecting both the implementation and integration of the Moodle programme. It was evident from the narratives of the two interviewees that the integration of Moodle was successful, and that it has proven to be a useful tool in the teaching and learning processes of English. In spite of some existing factors that may hinder the working mechanisms of the implementation and integration of Moodle, it may be concluded that this platform could be recommended to be extended to the other skills of the English language that it currently does not support. Following this process will inevitably improve the comprehension and production of the English language and related materials, online and real, respectively.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.