Foreign Language Teaching in Over-Crowded Classes

  •  Halil Küçükler    
  •  Abdullah Kodal    


The importance of English in Foreign Language learning has been widely accepted in recent years and the English language is now well established as an international language. There is a growing significance of foreign language in education. As English has been widely used internationally, many people are interested in English and prefer learning English. When it is considered in public schools, English teaching has become more intense in school curricula. There are many barriers in language teaching in from primary education to higher education. One of the most important barriers in foreign language teaching is crowded especially over crowded classes. In crowded classes, classroom management, getting results from language approaches becomes difficult. In addition to this, a small number of class hours per week is another barrier in language teaching. The purpose of this study is to examine this issue and to examine the question of how language teaching is handled in these crowded classes and what different activities are useful to apply. If the educators are unable to change the classroom order, what are the appropriate language activities and how to apply them.

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